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Clicker Lab

Will it work for me?

Tippmann goes to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction in this area. There are two reasons for this: We have a good name to uphold and we don't like returns. Returns are costly for both the customer (they are responsible for freight both ways), and 99% of returns can be avoided by making sure that you have the right tool for the job.

Linear Inches & Limitations

The number of "Linear Inches" in your die pattern is used to calculate how much pressure is required to cut your material. To find your Linear Inch count, you will need to calculate how much die blade will be used to create your die. For example, a 10 inch circle cut would have 31.42 Linear Inches, and a 10" Circle Cut with a 9" Circle Cut inside it would have 59.69 Linear Inches.

There are 3 different types of dies commonly used in our presses, and here are their limitations:

Clicker Limitations
  Clicker 700 Clicker 1500
Clicker Dies 30 Linear Inches 60 Linear Inches
Steel Rule Dies 60 Linear Inches 120 Linear Inches
Forged Dies 30 Linear Inches 60 Linear Inches


Die Cutting is very situational, for three reasons. For every die cut job, the material is different, the design is different, and we want to maximize the yield of every cut. Our recommendations are reliable for most soft goods. Teflon, polycarbonates, Kevlar and other "hard to cut" materials will require more tonnage per linear inch and will not follow those guidelines.

Since every job is different, we set up the Clicker Lab...

Clicker Lab

Tippmann Die Cutting Solutions knows that you really only care about 1 thing- Will it work? That's why we have machines set up ready to test your material and dies before you decide to purchase.


    Here's how it works:
  1. You send us your dies and sample material.
  2. We have our engineer analyze your material and dies.
  3. We test cut the dies & material in our presses.
  4. The results are uploaded to YouTube and the link is emailed to you.
  5. Your materials are returned UPS Ground® at no charge.


Clicker Lab YouTube Channel

We invite you to spend some time in the lab yourself on our Youtube Channel: