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  Pioneer Hybrid, Corp has been using Tippmann Clickers in a variety of proprietary applications over the past several years. We had been using much larger and more expenses presses, and then came upon the Tippmann Die Press line. Tippmann was very accommodating and was able to offer the customization, which we were looking for in a die press. We currently run 8 Tippmann Clicker  die presses in our every day operation. These presses are much quieter and cleaner than any die press we have used in the past. We have been very pleased with the ongoing customer service and support. Further, I was amazed at how fast Tippmann was able to turn around our custom designed press. As we continue to grow and innovate, I can say for sure, that we will be adding more Tippmann Die Presses in our assembly lines. Whether it is for clean room applications, or assembly line, Tippmann has been able to meet our requirements.

Ed Anderson--Pioneer Hybrid 

CryoLife recently purchased two of Tippmann Industrial’s 7 Ton Clicker Presses. We use the presses in conjunction with an ltem press board, a dissection board, and various cutting dies, to make precision cuts to bovine pericardium tissues. The units are used in a clean room and are routinely cleaned with strong disinfectants. Tippmann Industrial was very accommodating and more than willing to work with CryoLife to help customize their product to ensure that it met our needs. The Clicker’s work great, and are safe and easy to use! Tippmann’s staff provided us with excellent customer service and technical support.

Michell Saviski--Cryolife, Inc. 

Two of the things I really enjoy are my Tippmann Clicker 1500 and fishing. Long ago, when I only had a homemade press converted to a Clicker (don't laugh, I'm sure I'm not the only one who tried to cut corners by not buying proper equipment), I used to close up the shop and fish several afternoons a week. I really was serious about growing my knife sheath business and taking on more orders, but if an order consisted of more than 50 of the same item, I knew I wouldn't be able to efficiently do the work; therefore, I turned down about as many orders as I took. That was nice since I got to fish more, but the business definitely wasn't going forward. Finally, I realized I would have to either take more orders or give up on my leather shop. To grow any business, good equipment is as necessary as skill. Since, I'd used and enjoyed my Tippmann Aerostitch for years it seemed only natural to turn to Tippmann Industrial Products for my cutting equipment needs - Tippmann 1500 Clicker on their heavy duty stand, plus their custom dies. Wow! What a difference my Tippmann 1500 Clicker made! Now I have t thriving full time leather business. I take orders for as many as 2,500 of each item and can guarantee quick turnaround because of the dependability of my equipment. However, I really miss my fishin'.

Sherry Lott--Green River Leather, Inc.